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Come in and meet us at Topknotch Dogs.

We’re passionate about what we do and dedicated to it. We keep up with the latest grooming techniques and trends by attending industry trade shows, seminars, and grooming competitions. Using all our resources to give our furry clients the best grooms possible.

Meet Our Team

Lisa Furlonger - Owner, Manager, Groomer

  • 35+ years experience.
  • Available on Tuesday to Saturday.
  • Qualifications:
    • – Certified master groomer (CMG) in 2006.
    • – International CMG in 2010.
  • Competed in groom competitions in Australia & USA.
  • Worked for vets, salons and mobile.
  • Favourite dogs to groom: poodles, labradoodles, pug mixes, jack russell mixes, terriers pomeranians & spaniels.

Line dancing, shopping
Live concerts.

Previous owner of

Labs, cocker spaniels, schnauzer, standard poodles, blue heeler and ridgebacks.


  • 30+ years experience.
  • Available from tuesday to saturday.
  • Qualified in dog obedience.
  • Won multiple awards at our state and national groom competitions.
  • Specialises in hand scissors, creative colouring, bichons, carding coats.
  • Worked at vets, salons.
  • Favourite breeds to groom: westies, bichons, spaniels, bedlingtons, oodle mixes.

Hiking, reading, music.

Current owner of

'Yuki' a white toy poodle


  • 17 years trainee
  • 1 year experience in salon
  • Available Saturday only (till finish school)
  • Loves deshed and demoult dogs
  • Loves poms, poodles and spitz breeds

Fishing, catch up with friends and beach

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